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"The River is Moving" is a short story about redemption. The movie is set in contemporary Denver, CO, where humans and robots co-exist. A male robot lives a solitary life seeking his place in society.

The music of John Common has always had a cinematic quality. Fittingly, his new EP’s four-minute title track has inspired a short film by Brazilian director Gio Toninelo, a tale of underworld salvation with shades of Spike Jonze's "I'm Here".

"The River Is Moving" is a dark pop song that combines a sneaky-strong groove, a lush soundscape and starkly honest lyrics about what it’s like to be in a state of pre-redemption. The single “The River Is Moving” was produced by Steven Vidaic and John Common and it's being release together with a B-side spoken word. Download the song here:


the idea of a river is such a universal metaphor. It can mean hope, time, movement and change...

John Common


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